Cañí Bar

Coplas bar by Sergio Gil 

El Coplas was born from the memories of whose grandfather who recently arrived in Barcelona, established in the Raval neighborhood -in those days, Chinese- and loved copla. Hence lies his vocation on the neighborhood bar in which to spend a few hours. A commitment where the authenticity of the urban cannot be betrayed.

“It’s not exactly a local cocktail, but has glasses, nor a restaurant, but offers food.”

The cuisine is “simple but honest”; good sandwiches, pies and salads for the pleasure of conversation is not to be interrupted by the need to get some dinner at another local. Snacks like Marifé (with chicken, fried onions and cheddar sauce); Maruja (with pastrami, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella) are those found in the cuisine.


Folkloric Photos, a written menu on an album cover, a small courtyard terrace become … A place that is also a meeting place for neighbors to which tourists often left in the background.

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Coplas Bar | Joaquín Costa Street, 12 08001- Barcelona | 93 158 29 70 | 633 50 54 36

Coplas Bar

Joaquín Costa Street, 12 08001 – Barcelona

93 158 29 70