Vodka & Gin

COLIBRÍ by Sergio Gil

Colibrí Vodka & Gin is a restaurant in which we can taste original dishes and discover an excellent cocktail bar.

Colibrí becomes a place in which converge the most ancient streets in the neighborhood.

From this point, wisely located into the middle of two legendary streets in Barcelona (Riera Alta and Erasme Janer), Colibrí offers to the visitor an inner space which matchs design and some elements that transport us to the 80s. We can find a jukebox, Chichos music, or lamps hanging from the ceiling full of shiny crystals. The white marble bar embraced by the handle stainless steel beer or a small collection of original Bultaco Montesa.

On the outside, its enviable location provide each visitor with a welcoming and cosy terrace, complemented by open windows to the street from where one can sit and participate in the comings and goings of passersby place.


ginebra, voDka and much more

If our surname is Vodka & Gin is because our specialty in this sector; we have a very complete reference of Premium Gins and Vodkas, in addition to our menu of cocktails, made with the best products and techniques. Let’s just enjoy!


Colibrí bet for a simple but quality cuisine, recovering traditional dishes, seamanship tapas, salads and suggestions as tequeños cheese or shrimp with guacamole and cassava.All this paired with a well- pulled beer , wine or one of our many vermouth

Colibris past

from 1940 until now

Colibrí opened for the first time in 1940. Born as a tavern, it was the meeting point of a lots of musicians, immigrants, anarchists and bohemians. The economic euphoria of the XXI century started the name of Ciutat Vella, leaving to function as a meeting point and failing all projects happening here.

Over 70s we decided to rescue the name, recover its atmosphere and update their offer, transforming Colibrí in an aquarium where the most exciting urban relations were established .

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Colibrí Vodka & Gin | Riera Alta Street, 33-35 08001 – Barcelona | 93 442 96 14 | 633 50 54 36

Colibrí Vodka & Gin

 Riera Alta Street, 33-35 08001 – Barcelona

93 442 96 14


Working days: 11:00- 00:30h

Night before holidays and holidays: 11:00h- 03:00h.