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COLIBRÍ by Sergio Gil

At number 6 of the popular Paseo Joan de Borbó of Barceloneta, Bodega Mediterránea Colibrí has already opened its doors. All prepared and ready to continue serving our guests and friends. An innovative space where Sustainability and the Slow Food philosophy acquire a leading role.

  Under the baton of Sergio Gil, our versatile conductor, we want to continue the good work done in that old corner of what was El Chino in Barcelona, between Riera Alta and Erasme de Janer streets, where the historic Colibrí was located. essence is still palpando in this new space, in its walls full of paintings, elements that transport us to the 60’s, its classic jukebox, tear lamps, a Derby Torch hanging from the ceiling or the immense white marble bar inspired macael in the old cafés of Modernist Barcelona …

!!!!!! Welcome to Colibri ¡¡¡¡

COLIBRÍ GASTROBAR, Riera Alta 33-35 2017

BODEGA MEDITERRANEA COLIBRI, Paseo Joan de Borbó 6 Barcelona, 2019


Mediterranean cuisine with Km0 product and Slow Food philosophy. These are the pillars that define us gastronomically. A menu based on tapas, dishes, salads, fish and desserts (also gluten-free), all prepared with honesty.

Sergio likes to define it as “retrogastronomy” or pantry kitchen.

Designed under the principles of Gastropology for the enjoyment of those who visit us. Take a few glasses of good wines to the rhythm of a happy conversation, eat with family or alone, dine with one of our loves or, well, close trade agreements in our private room ….. All in a measured, accurate, carefully thought, where the music, the temperature, the air, the light, smells, textures, distances and choreography ….. will get you to let yourself go ….

Our bet is the gastronomic and social recovery of the Paseo for the people of Barcelona.

Colibri, tapas for an excuse.


A winery menu, with dishes and classics such as chicken croquettes or squid, potato omelet or starred eggs. Tapas of the sea, from calamari by soleá, oysters, some pulpitos encebollaos to a suquet de peix.

For salads we offer a variety made with potato and different bases such as spider crab, Parmesan cheese with ham, Russian … Also classic of our cuisine such as escalivada and xatonada.

To sweeten our palate, our desserts such as fried milk and bread with oil and chocolate. Also cheese cake, brownie and lemon cake (all gluten free).





Of special interest to beer lovers, the Tap Station Colibri, an exclusive barrel beer station in Barcelona, ​​with six varieties to choose from, including the Classic San Miguel, the Barcelona (with aromatic notes of malt), Munich (autética) lager with toasted malt and aroma of coffee and caramel), Bruges (fruity aroma with notes of hops and cereal), Dusseldorf (authentic craft flavor) and Portland (golden color with floral, herbal and citrus notes).

Let your trip begin …

Colibris past

from 1940 until now

Colibrí opened for the first time in 1940. Born as a tavern, it was the meeting point of a lots of musicians, immigrants, anarchists and bohemians. The economic euphoria of the XXI century started the name of Ciutat Vella, leaving to function as a meeting point and failing all projects happening here.

Over 70s we decided to rescue the name, recover its atmosphere and update their offer, transforming Colibrí in an aquarium where the most exciting urban relations were established .

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Bodega Mediterránea Colibri | Paseo Joan de Borbó 6, 08003 – Barcelona | 93 310 13 62

Bodega Mediterranea Colibri

 Paseo Joan de Borbó 6, 08001 – Barcelona

93 310 13 62


Every day from 10 a.m. to 00:00 a.m.